About Me


Ken Van den Eeden

As a pure sports fanatic I have been working in the fitness sector since 2002. My passion for sports and fitness already developed in my youth, where I was a triathlete developed a semi-top sports career. In addition to my endurance training, I came into contact with strength training, and soon this became a regular part of my training schedules.

Bitten by the fitness microbe, I started looking for an initial training, after which I started working in a fitness centre.  During that period my field of interest started to expand more and more to personal training and I started to train myself almost continuously in everything that has to do with sports and nutrition. 

After years of working in the field myself, I decided it was time to pass on my knowledge. In 2011 I had the opportunity to start working with Physical Coaching Academy, a young company that has not only become a fixed value in Belgium, but is also starting to grow internationally. My part in this is both making the various training courses that are offered, specifically for personal trainers, and giving these courses.